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In accordance with article 51 of Law 1480 of 2011, payment reversal consists of the fact that the client may request the reversal of the payment made in cases where the purchase is subject to fraud, corresponds to an unsolicited operation, the product that purchased was not received or when the product delivered does not correspond to what was requested or is defective.

Applies when the client purchases goods through electronic commerce mechanisms such as the internet, PSE, call center and/or any other telesales or virtual store mechanism and a credit, debit or any other card has been used for payment. electronic payment instrument.

Before requesting payment reversal, the client must take into account the following points:

  • You must file the complaint within five (05) business days following the date on which you became aware of the situations in which the payment reversal operates.
  • Send to email  or WhatsApp +57317 6451530 the claim with the following information:
  1. The reasons underlying payment reversal
  2. Indicate the cause underlying the request, which must correspond to one of those indicated in article of Decree 587 of 2016.
  3. Value for which the reversal is requested.
  4. Identification of the bank account, credit card or payment instrument to which the operation was charged.

Once the request is submitted, participants in the payment process will have fifteen (15) business days to make it effective and once verified, the discounts will be processed or not.

ALTA SHOES SAS  may oppose the non-existence of the operation when the client fails to report the alleged cause or does not support the proper cause.