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“The constant search for our inherited tradition by our Colombian artisans is the mirror we hold for each shoe we create.”

Over the years, we have built meaningful relationships with our local artisans. We work together to ensure the quality of each piece. By producing locally, we are able to make regular visits to our manufacturing facilities, ensuring safe working conditions and careful craftsmanship by trusted artisans.

ALTA is a mix between craftsmanship and contemporary luxury.


We work with artisan factories in Colombia, who share the same values ​​as us: stopping the fashion cycle, celebrating craftsmanship and investing in ethical production practices. Like them, we're passionate about sourcing sustainable materials, implementing ethical production processes and investing in styles that last, which in turn helps minimize waste and curb overproduction.


At ALTA we want you to wear your shoes all day, every day, season after season. Each pair is handmade in Colombia using ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation of highly skilled artisan shoemakers. producing modern classics, designed to last.