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ALTA SHOES SAS from its website , offers the service of selling its products on a secure platform, facilitating the procedures involved in the purchasing process, including the exchange of its products:

Time to make the change. At the time of receiving the product and if the customer is not satisfied with it, they have thirty (30) calendar days to make the change.

Terms and conditions for changes. ALTA SHOES SAS will accept the change if the product meets the following requirements:

  • Not having been used.
  • It must have all the marks and labels.
  • It must not be modified or altered from its original state.
  • It shouldn't be dirty
  • It should not have traces of chemicals that discolor or deteriorate the product.
  • The last of the shoe must be perfect.
  • It should not present inconsistencies due to cleaning or washing.
  • Product changes are made by reference, size or color and by the value for which they were purchased. If the value is greater, the client must assume the additional value.
  • Promotional products do not have color changes, size changes are subject to availability. If the discounted color is sold out, the discount is not transferred to the full price color.

Process to make the change.

  • The client must communicate to the service channels via email or WhatsApp +57317 6451530
  • The customer must indicate: reason for the change, personal data (identification number, email, address), order number or invoice with which the purchase was made.
  • To make the change, the customer must assume the cost of shipping the product to the main warehouse of ALTA SHOES SAS located at Calle 16 # 4 - 15 Jamundí, Valle del Cauca, Colombia and the cost of return shipping to the address provided. By himself.
    In the event that the customer receives a wrong product due to size, color, reference or is part of the warranty policies, ALTA SHOES SAS will assume the cost of shipping and will schedule the pick-up of the product at the address that the customer has available.
  • In the event that the product the customer wants is not available, a credit balance will be generated to be redeemed.
  • Once the conditions of the product are verified, ALTA SHOES SAS will have three (03) business days to inform the customer if the product meets the criteria established here to make the change or return due to size, wrong product, credit note. .
  • If the change is accepted, it will be sent to the client, taking into account the times stipulated in the shipping policy.