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ALTA was founded by Tatiana Quintana with the clear objective of offering luxury and design classics to the modern woman. We focus on delivering the highest level of design and craftsmanship, while slowing the fashion cycle and leading the way for socially conscious companies.

We work closely with our team of Colombian artisans, using sustainable materials and processes to develop a new type of luxury: a luxury that seeks to slow the fashion cycle, a luxury that focuses on craftsmanship, and a luxury that helps increase integrity. of our fashion choices.

ALTA has become synonymous with modern and elegant designs, offering styles that match a classic wardrobe.

“Timeless in construction and exquisite in spirit, each of our pieces affirms a commitment to excellence and originality.”


A sustainable approach to a conscious wardrobe. At the core of our sustainable approach is our desire to slow down fashion, focusing on investment pieces that can be worn again and again, season after season. We firmly believe in returning to quality, long-lasting styles, with ethical material choices.